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    For more than two decades, the hardworking professionals here at Pet Butler have been helping Dallas residents keep their yards free from toxic pet waste. To find out how we can help you embrace a clean, healthy, poop-free outdoor environment, take a look at the links below.

    • You can learn about the proper ways of  eliminating dog poop  by reading this article by the Natural Resources Defense Council.
    • Did you know that your dog’s poop could contain  E. coli  that’s transferrable to humans? Get the facts you need to keep your family safe from this  Huffington Post  piece.
    • To find out why cat feces could be particularly  harmful to a pregnant woman , read this Animal Planet article.
    • For great tips on  eliminating odor  from your cat’s litter box, head over to the Humane Society’s website.
    • Cat owners won’t want to miss this article by WebMD.com, which features practical advice on getting your furry friend to use his  litter box

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  • 3 Reasons Why a Clean Kitty Litter Box Is Important

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    In addition to feeding and grooming your cat, providing him with a clean environment in which to answer nature’s call should be placed towards the top of your priority list as a nurturing and responsible pet owner. If keeping your kitty’s litter box clean is high on your list of least-favorite chores, you should contact pet cleanup professionals to learn about outsourcing this unpleasant task. Here are three reasons why a clean kitty litter box is so important:

    Create an Encouraging Environment

    A litter box that has become dirty as a result of neglect will quickly turn cats away and cause them to do their business elsewhere in the home. In order to encourage your cat to use his litter box, clean it at least once per day and change it out entirely each week. Additionally, place one litter box on each floor of your home for added convenience.

    Enjoy a Clean Home

    Cleaning out your kitty’s litter box is a surefire way to ensure that the environment around it is fresh and pleasant. In addition to employing the services of a pet waste removal team to keep your litter boxes clean , you can place a thin layer of baking soda under the litter, which will absorb odors without distracting your cat.

    Ensure Your Family’s Health and Happiness

    A clean kitty litter box reduces the risk of your cat or your human family members contracting any worrisome medical conditions brought on by exposure to parasites, such as toxoplasma. Since this particular parasite is especially harmful to pregnant woman, doctors advise that moms-to-be leave the cleaning to a partner or a pet waste removal professional.

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  • What You Need to Know About Pet Waste

    Dog in a Car Window

    Although playing with your dog in the park is a more enjoyable activity than cleaning up after him, it’s important that you act as a responsible pet owner and consistently remove his waste from any outdoor space. Regardless of whether you choose to do this alone or with help from your pet waste removal company, picking up the poop leaves the community a healthier and happier place. Here is what you need to know about pet waste:

    It’s Smelly… and Toxic

    While many pet owners complain that their pets’ waste is smelly, what they may not know is that those feces are toxic and could present more than just bad odor. Dog poop often contains parasite eggs that hatch as the waste is left to sit. To keep your family free from roundworms and other unpleasant pathogens , remove the waste right away.

    The Toilet Is No Place for Pet Poop

    You should always properly dispose of pet waste. Pet feces should never be flushed down a toilet, as research shows that wastewater treatment processes do not kill certain parasites that reside in them.

    You’re Legally Responsible for Picking It Up

    As your Dallas dog poop removal team will remind you, it’s your legal obligation as a pet owner to clean up your dog’s waste. Towns across the country are making it illegal to leave waste behind due to the potential health risks that it presents to the local water supply and the community.

    The team here at Pet Butler of Dallas can help you eliminate the unpleasant and unhealthy surprises your pets leave behind. We’ve been stopping the poo-lution for residential and commercial clients for over 22 years. To find out why we’re the most trusted name in pet waste cleanup, give us a call today at (800) 738-2885. 

  • Why Cleaning Up Pet Waste Is Important

    Unlike other types of animal waste that can be used as fertilizer, cat and dog feces are actually harmful to your greenery and should never be left to sit for too long. Your four-legged friends’ waste contains toxic elements that can decompose and seep into the groundwater supply, which could cause major health problems for your family and your neighbors. Find out more about the importance of cleaning up after your best friend by watching this video.

    Failing to pick up your pet’s waste can cause the lawn to develop unattractive brown spots that are hard to get rid of. If you could use a hand in stopping the poo-lution in your yard,  call Pet Butler  at (800) 738-2885.