• Scoop that Poop! The Dangers of Dog Doo-Doo Left on Your Lawn [INFOGRAPHIC]

    As a pet owner, you love your dog like a member of your family. When it comes to picking up poop, though, it’s hard to stay happy for long. While no one wants a yard full of doggy doo-doo, few people realize just how dangerous it is to leave piles of puppy poop lying around on the lawn. Dog feces are classified as a dangerous pollutant by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency due to the many bacteria and parasites it contains.

    By not cleaning up unwanted waste immediately, owners often unknowingly allow bacteria and viruses to incubate right outside their door. To find out more about the dangers of dog poop and what you can do to keep your family and pets safe, take a look at this infographic from your Dallas pet waste removal experts at Pet Butler. Please share it with friends and family to spread the word about fighting dangerous diseases from pet waste in the Dallas-Fort Worth area!  


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    Pets are part of the family, which is why pet waste removal is such an important responsibility to keep in mind. Learn more about this service by checking out these websites.

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  • You Don’t Know Poop: Exploring the Truth About the Health Hazards of Pet Waste

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    Nobody wants to spend too much time thinking about pet waste. That is why so many people fall behind on pet waste removal responsibilities, letting pets’ waste slowly build up over time. This doesn’t just have a negative impact on your backyard’s appearance—it also exposes your family to a variety of health hazards. Here is a look at the health hazards of pet waste and the importance of proper disposal:

    Pet Waste Contains Pollutants

    It may be natural, but there is a reason why the term “pet waste” contains the word “waste”! Excrement contains a variety of harmful items that can be dangerous to both humans and other animals . Research shows that pet waste is filled with bacteria and bugs such as parvovirus, roundworm, adenovirus, and tapeworm. These bugs and bacteria can negatively affect your health, putting your family at risk for developing illnesses.

    Pet Waste Is Harmful to Your Lawn

    A lot of families think that they can benefit from leaving pet waste in the backyard, but this simply isn’t true! Pet waste doesn’t work as manure for your lawn—it can actually be harmful to your lawn. Unlike traditional fertilizer, pet waste contains a variety of nutrients that can cause discoloration and have other negative effects on your lawn’s appearance. Investing in professional pet waste removal allows you and your family to enjoy a safe and beautiful backyard area.

    Pet Waste Requires Proper Disposal

    Even if you tend to the pet waste in your backyard, your family may still be at risk for developing various illnesses. This is because improper disposal can leave remnants behind, giving them a chance to spread to water supplies. A Professional pet waste removal team properly removes the waste and keeps you safe.

    If you are ready to stop the poo-lution, contact the Dallas staff here at Pet Butler. Call us at (800) 738-2885 for more information about our pooper scooper and pet cleanup services.

  • Why You Should Stop Spending Time Patrolling for Pet Waste and Call Pet Butler of Dallas Today!

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    Cleaning up pet waste is a routine chore for families with four-legged members. However, this responsibility can be quite annoying and frustrating. This responsibility can also be time-consuming, taking away from your busy schedule!  Hiring a pet waste removal team can help you save time and frustration. Here is a closer look at the reasons to invest in professional pet waste removal:

    Spend Time Tending to Responsibilities

    It can be easy to get distracted from work and other responsibilities when you have to spend so much time cleaning up after your pets. If you have to tend to pet waste removal duties, you may not be able to stay productive throughout the day. You don’t want your work to suffer, so contact a pet waste removal service that can handle your outdoor cleanup needs.

    Spend Time Playing with and Training Your Pet

    Cleaning up the backyard can be exhausting, especially when dealing with pet waste! Your pets may want to play with you as soon as you get inside from your outdoor chores, but you won’t want to play if you are exhausted. Finding a pet waste removal service to handle this responsibility will give you more free time to spend with your furry family members. This will give you opportunities for playing and training !  

    Spend and Enjoy Time in Your Backyard

    You should be able to enjoy your home’s yards. If you have to clean up after your pet, you may stop enjoying the time you spend outside your home. A professional pet waste removal team can help you stop wasting time in your backyard and get back to enjoying it.

    Pet Butler offers Dallas’ very best pet waste removal services. We also offer other pet-friendly services, making it easy to enjoy a fun and healthy home life. Visit our website or call us at (800) 738-2885 to learn more!

  • How to Clean Pet Stains from Carpet

    Getting a new pet is always exciting! As any dog or cat lover knows, though, bringing a new pet into the house means dealing with pet stains. Your new family member is likely to have at least a few accidents in the house before she is housebroken, which is why it is important to learn how to clean pet stains from your carpet.

    You can learn everything you need to know about cleaning pet stains from this video. As you will see, paper towels can be used to blot the soiled area, allowing you to remove as much of the mess as possible. After this, you can use soapy water to wash out any remaining stains.

    Once your pet learns to use the backyard, you can rely on Pet Butler for all of your pet waste removal needs! Learn more about our Dallas pooper scooper services by calling us at (800) 738-2885.