Your Backyard Dog: Resources for Further Reading

Shar Pei dog with newspapers

If your dog spends time outdoors or in the backyard, keeping your yard clean should be a priority for both your dog and the rest of your family. Training your dog to go to the bathroom in the same spot in your backyard and hiring a professional pooper scooper service can make yard maintenance less of an everyday hassle.

  • When it comes to dog waste, better in your backyard than in your bedroom. This guide to puppy housetraining can help you get your dog to go to the bathroom outside and in the same spot to keep your home and the rest of your yard clean.
  • If you have a backyard or outdoor dog , look through this tip sheet for more information about caring for your dog and keeping him or her safe while outdoors.
  • Cleaning up after your dog is not only a part of responsible pet ownership but also a part of disease control. Check out these five important reasons to clean up pet waste from veterinarians.

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