Picking up the Poo-lution: Resources for Further Reading

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Properly and routinely disposing of your pet’s waste is an important part of keeping your family, four-legged friends, and the environment healthy. Learn more about the impact of undisposed pet waste in the resources below, and call Pet Butler today to schedule convenient pooper scooper services that can protect your health and yard.

  • Did you know that American dogs dispose of 10 million tons of feces every year? Get the scoop on dog poop , and which breeds are the toughest to pick up after, in this article from The Huffington Post.
  • Picking up after you pet is good not only for your yard’s beauty but also for the environment. Learn more about eco-friendly pet waste removal methods, like using biodegradable doggie bags, with this pet owners guide.
  • Man’s best friend can pass certain diseases like roundworms onto you if you’re not careful.  Protect yourself through prevention, and learn more about dog parasites and their impact on humans.

Pet Butler  provides professional pet waste cleanup and removal services to homeowners and communities throughout the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. We’re the solution to stop the poo-lution! Call us today at  (800) 738-2885 for more information about our pet waste removal and yard health services.

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