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Using a Comb to Prevent Mats in Your Canine's Coat

When it comes to pet grooming, many dog owners feel lost when faced with a wall of grooming tools to choose from at their local pet store. If this sounds like you, then keep reading to learn about using a simple comb to prevent mats from forming in your canine’s coat.

Taking Advantage of Combs
Many people focus on brushes when it comes to choosing and utilizing pet grooming tools. However, brushes tend to glide over the top of the coat, which can allow hair to accumulate near the skin and form tangles and mats. Combs, on the other hand, penetrate the coat and can remove shed hair that is closer to the skin. Because of this, having a comb in your dog-grooming arsenal can be essential, especially if your canine is prone to tangles and mats.

Choosing the Right Comb
Any comb is better than no comb when it comes to dog grooming, but many professional groomers agree that one of the best options available is what’s called the Greyhound-style comb. Made with fine pins on one end and coarser ones on the other, these combs are versatile and allow you to address small tangles with the fine pins and the rest of the coat with the coarse ones.

Using a Grooming Comb
When you want to comb out your pet’s coat, the best way to begin is with a bath. Apply a de-tangler and leave-in conditioner designed for dogs and then gently work the comb through her coat. If you encounter a mat or tangle, hold the base of the hair with one hand while using the comb with the other to prevent pulling on your pet’s skin. When there’s no time for a bath, simply run the comb through your pet’s coat to eliminate tangles before they can turn into mats.

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