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Protecting Your Canine as the Weather Warms Up

You may already realize that regular pet grooming can help keep your canine comfortable in the summer. However, there are several more pet health factors to take into consideration this time of year. Here are a few tips that can help keep your dog safe and happy this summer:

Provide Plenty of Water
With the busy schedules that many people have, it can be easy to forget about filling up your pet’s water bowl before heading out for the day. However, having plenty of water is always essential for protecting your pet’s health, and never is it more so than in summer. If you have trouble remembering to give your pet water before you leave, then consider posting reminders on your fridge or door.

Make Sure There’s Shade
Both people and pets alike enjoy taking advantage of the beautiful weather that comes along with summer. However, once temperatures warm up, your backyard can become dangerously hot during the day. When leaving your pet outdoors for any span of time, be sure that she has access to both shade and water.

Leave Her at Home
Did you know that the temperature inside your car can rise dramatically in just 10 minutes? Also, even mild weather can cause the temperature in your vehicle to become dangerously hot for your pet. For these reasons, even if the outdoor temperature seems non-threatening, you should not leave your dog in the car during the summer.

Avoid Any Hot Surfaces
Because you wear shoes when walking your dog, it can be easy to overlook how hot cement, gravel, and asphalt can become under the strong summer sun. To help prevent your pet from suffering burned paws, walk your dog during the cooler hours of the day and avoid hot surfaces.

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